GCMS stands for Global Case Management System, which is a comprehensive and integrated software system used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for internal processing of applications for immigration and citizenship from applicants worldwide.

GCMS notes is a detailed report about the immigration process that your file undergoes. The report contains detailed insights about the current status along with comments and notes from the reviewing officers.

Absolutely...Ordering your GCMS notes is 100% legal, safe and secured way to gain access to your information and track your status of immigration or visa application. According to the Canada laws, the processing of the GCMS order must be done without any bias, restriction or impact application process or the applicant in any way. So, you can order your GCMS notes as many times as you need.

The IRCC must respond to the GCMS notes request within 30 days, in accordance with the Canadian Access to Information and Privacy Act. However, the IRCC may take longer than the defined period in case when it is overloaded with pending orders, or when the request pertains to very big records.

No, this is the standard processing time for all the cases. At OrderGCMS Notes Canada, we place your order on the same day and also release the notes on the same day as we receive them, thus giving you a hassle-free, swift and efficient service.

No, you can order your GCMS notes as many times you need, without any impact on your file processing. There have been instances where the file had no movement and after GCMS notes were requested, the file moved further. The reason for this is that an officer needs to look at your file when the GCMS notes are released, even if it is out of turn. So, at times, ordering GCMS notes can be to your advantage. Also, it is 100% safe and legal.

Generally, processing of GCMS notes is done within the stipulated timeframe. However, in the rarest of the rare case, if you do not hear from us within 120 days of your request, you can ask for a refund and we will do the needful immediately. The refund will be processed within the next 15 days. We may need to deduct charges we incurred in the process of placing the request.

GCMS notes help you to keep a tab on your files. In addition to knowing the status of your file, you can also ensure that the officer in charge of your file is actually working on it. At times, applications get rejected because of errors by the assessing officer, or because you didn’t review and submit your documents within the stipulated time frame or missed something in your file. Your GCMS notes let you keep a tab on all such errors and omissions and help you take preventive steps in time before such mistakes could potentially negate your chances.

Also, the GCMS Notes will help you in preparing for the interview and keep the documents ready. The GCMS notes throw an insight into the officer’s concerns about your application. It could be about your skills, work experience, medical records, criminal charges or any other issues that he may have. Once you know the cause of concern for the officer, it will give you time to be well prepared to answer the queries and also support your answers with relevant supporting documents.

Rejections: If for some reason, your application is rejected, GCMS notes will give you an insight as to why your application was rejected. In case the rejection is due to oversight or mistake of the concerned officer, GCMS notes will help in reopening the case. In other instances, you will know the mistakes you’ve made and the reasons for rejection and the GCMS notes will help you in avoiding those errors again.

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