Moving to British Columbia: Information you need

Moving to British Columbia: Information you need

When you plan to move to a new country, you need to be prepared and should be aware of all the important things that would help you settle down smoothly. British Columbia is a beautiful place to immigrate but there are certain things that you need to aware of:

When you plan to immigrate to Canada, be rest assured of tapping the high standard of living and British Columbia is no different. The onus of health care is on the government which allows you to focus on building a new life without having to worry about your health. With immigration laws becoming more lenient, immigrants make up about 28% of British Columbia’s population. This statistics reveal how accommodating British Columbia is when it comes to accepting immigrants. British Columbia is known for its diversity where you meet people from different cultures across the globe. Commuting is safe and easy in British Columbia but more importantly affordable. A monthly commuter’s pass should cost you around $95.

According to a job report, it is predicted that around 900,000 job openings will be filled by the end of 2019 and bulk of the job openings being in skilled job market. The minimum wage in British Columbia is $11.35/hour which makes it an attractive market for people who want to migrate from across the globe. However, living in British Columbia is expensive. It is said that the cost of living is one of the highest in the world. Cost of 1 bedroom near city centers in major cities like Vancouver can easily cost around $2500 and if you plan to live outside city center, the cost would be around $1500.

Your healthcare is covered by the government when you plan to immigrate to British Columbia. It is very important that all the residents enroll themselves under The Medical Service Plan (MSP) provided by the government. You need to get yourself enrolled as soon as you arrive. The registration takes only about 15 minutes however the waiting time is of 3 months. As a precautionary measure, it is advised that you get yourself covered for the first 3 months of your stay by buying an insurance plan from the country you are migrating from.


There are four categories through which one can apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program:

  1. Skills Immigration

The skills immigration category is for the immigrants who possess the necessary skills, education and work experience that is required by the labour market in British Columbia.

  1. Entrepreneur Immigration

This category is for those who intent to invest a significant amount of capital in the province of British Columbia. Immigrants who plan to expand their business can apply through this route. However, the immigrants need to show a viable business opportunity, their plan, business model and should have enough experience in running a business to apply under this category.

  1. Express Entry

This category is the most popular way through which immigrants migrate to British Columbia. This category is a part of the Canadian Federal Express Entry program and applying under this category means that the immigrant can shift base to any province in the entire country.

  1. Tech Pilot

This category is for people who are highly skilled in the field of Trade and Technology. The immigrant needs to have the experience and education in the technology field. The immigrant should be eligible to apply for the 29 listed jobs that are in demand in British Columbia. The processing time under this category is much faster than other categories due to the demand of particular skills.

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