Secure Your GCMS Notes Information

Before we start with securing your GCMS notes information, let us understand what GCMS and GCMS notes are. GCMS is basically a software used for processing visa or immigration applications by IRCC to give various Canadian visas such as Express entry visa, study or work permit or tourist visa. In order to know the status of one’s visa or immigration application, applicants order GCMS notes. These GCMS notes tell you the exact status of your application along with detailed analysis, special comments and notes of reviewing officer at various stages.

Why it is important to keep GCMS notes secured?

It is important to note that GCMS notes contain all the vital information about the applicant. It has the information like application number, personal details and medical details if required in some cases, bank details, and UCI number along with employment details of the candidate. Such information, if misused, can lead to dire consequences by unscrupulous people. Your sensitive personal data may be misused and it may also destroy your future prospects of going and studying or working in a foreign land. This is one of the primary reasons why the Government of Canada has classified such information under protected B category. It is a category applied to information which if leaked or compromised can cause severe damage to the individual, organization or the government of the country.

Personal information protection and electronic document act (PIPEDA)!

PIPEDA is an act passed by the Parliament of Canada in order to protect vital information of people applying for a Canadian visa or immigration. Private organizations are expected to abide by this act in order to function legally in the country. According to this law, an organization is expected to take consent of an individual before collecting, using or disclosing any of his or her personal information. The organization should also supply products or services to them even if the individual denies giving personal information until and unless certain information is mandatory for the transactions. Apart from that, the organizations should collect information lawfully with fair means. The policies of the organization regarding collecting the information should be easy to understand and readily available.

An individual has complete right to question about why an organization is seeking information and how it is being collected and when and where it will be used.

Securing your information

First, it is the primary responsibility of an individual to keep all your vital information safe even before you land in Canada. Identity theft can have a grave impact on your credit score, bank loans and employment prospects. People ordering for GCMS notes should make sure that the organization offering the notes should abide by PIPEDA and is committed to keeping all your vital information safe and secured. It is important to understand that Canadian laws are applicable only to the Canadian companies, as only these companies are bound by the Canadian jurisdiction. Companies incorporated outside Canada are not bound by this jurisdiction and may likely take advantage of you. Your privacy would be at stake as your personal information can be sold by these dubious firms to 3rd party, who in turn will use your information for varied purposes including malicious use of your data.

Does Order GCMS Notes Canada comply with PIPEDA along with other privacy laws of the land?

Order GCMS Notes Canada is registered and operates in Canada. We strictly adhere to the PIPEDA policy. Additionally, we rigidly adhere to high internal standards framed by our firm:

  • Once we deliver the GCMS notes to the requestor, we delete it from our records after 30 days.
  • Not more than 2 people will have consent and access to your notes, to ensure your information is safe and secured.
  • Our servers are 100% secured and we use state of the art technology to keep our servers and data safe.
  • Our website is SSL secure to ensure complete privacy to our users when communicating to/with us.
  • We have tied up only with most secured payment gateways including Instamojo, Stripe and PayPal.

We understand the importance of your data privacy and strive to keep your details 100% secured.

Our Guarantee

Along with rigid internal control and strict adherence to PIPEDA, we also follow a policy of not harassing our clients with advertisements.

Thus, be rest assured that at Order GCMS notes Canada, your data is 100% safe. You need not worry about your data being leaked, misused or become a victim of identity theft.

We will need an authorization from you for requesting your GCMS notes. Once you sign the consent form, your request will be placed under the ATIP. The GCMS notes will be sent to you as soon as they are released by IRCC.

Please be informed that your consent form can be used only once. So, your information is completely safe and secured with us and will never be misused.

If you still have any questions about your data privacy, feel free to talk to us.