Moving to British Columbia: Information you need

When you plan to move to a new country, you need to be prepared and should be aware of all the important things that would help you settle down smoothly. British Columbia is a beautiful place to immigrate but there are certain things that you need to aware of: LIFE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA When you plan to immigrate to Canada, be rest assured of tapping the high standard of living and British Columbia is no different. The onus of health care is on the government which allows you to focus on building a new life without having to worry about your [...]

Working Holiday Visa For Canada

Working holiday visas have changed and influenced a lot of lives. It has also given a new perspective to people to look at life in a different way. When you are on a working holiday visa, you get to work, travel, explore the whole country, meet new people, share your stories, be adventurous and basically do whatever you had always wanted to. A working holiday visa for Canada will help you travel around the world. It does not matter what your background is, whether you have just completed school or you are on a sabbatical or just want to [...]

How to track your GCMS Notes?

Waiting for your GCMS notes can be annoying especially when you have not received it even after the statutory limit of 30 days under the Access to Information act (This is the act under which the federal agencies issue the GCMS notes). Accessing the GCMS notes is subjected to Section 7 of the Access to Information act which states that all the records requested under this act shall be delivered within thirty days after the day when the request is received. This implies that Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have to provide the information (GCMS notes in this case) [...]

Got your PR? Here’s how you can settle in Canada!

With your permanent residency for Canada approved, your first step of settling in Canada is done. Now that you have your immigration visa in hand and after all the goodbyes, you are ready to land in Canada. The next step is take into consideration the important things to be done once you arrive in Canada which will help in your transition to settle as smooth as possible. People you will meet just after landing in Canada The first and foremost person you will meet on landing in Canada is the customs officer of Canada. They will deal with your goods and [...]