Track Your Application

Global Case Management System or GCMS is software used by IRCC for processing immigration and visa applications of people across the world. GCMS notes are ordered by applicants in order to know the status of their application. It is one of the most legal, safe and easy ways to know the status of various immigration and visa applications such as Express entry visa, tourist visa or work and stud permit visa. GCMS notes will provide the exact status of your application including any kind of correspondence to and from IRCC, detailed analysis of your file along with notes and special comments from the IRCC officer at various stages.

Tracking of GCMS Notes

Waiting for the GCMS notes to arrive can be frustrating. According to the Access to Information Act, various federal agencies in Canada such as IRCC, CSIS or CBSA should process the request of GCMS notes and offer information to the applicant within the statutory limit of 30 days. Within thirty days, you should get your copy of GCMS notes stating the status of your visa or immigration application.

But recently IRCC issued a clarification that because of the high volume of GCMS notes requests’ made, the federal agencies have added work pressure and they are unable to maintain the 30 days deadline for releasing the notes. They are taking more than the stipulated time-frame to release the GCMS notes and this extension is not only genuine but also legal as it is mentioned in the law.

According to Section 9 of the Access to Information Act, federal agencies can extend the time limit for the release of GCMS notes under the following circumstances.

  1. If there are a large number of requests or the government has to go through large number of files to fulfill the request, then it will be unreasonable to meet the original deadline by the federal agencies. Meeting the original deadline will mean interference with other official work of the government institution, which is neither permissible nor appreciated.
  2. If some kind of consultations are necessary for the given request, then meeting original time deadlines becomes difficult in such case. In such cases, the federal agencies apprise the applicant by giving them an extension notice.
  3. The extension can also be expected if notice of the request is given pursuant to subsection 27(1).

Federal agencies are supposed to issue a notification to the applicant stating the reason for extension and expected period of extension. The notification also has a statement that the applicant has the right to complaint to the information officer about the extension demanded by the federal agencies.

Tracking number

When you request for GCMS notes from the federal agencies, in order to acknowledge your request, the agency will send you a tracking number of 6 to 7 digits via e-mail. This number is just for your record and at present, neither the federal agencies or the Canadian government have any mechanism to check the application status online using the given tracking number. Beware of any fraudulent websites if they offer any such services.

At Order GCMS Notes Canada, it is our endeavor to deliver your GCMS notes swiftly and in a timely manner. However, delays do occur at times for reasons beyond our purview. Though such occasions are extremely rare, we keep our clients posted about the status.

Tracking Your Application: There’s no way to know the progress of your application under the IRCC system as it doesn’t divulge the stage of your application. This makes it vital to keep a tab on your application so that you can be ready either for the interview or make necessary amendments. The only reliable, surefire way to track your application is through the Order GCMS notes Canada. Please note that the tracking of your application status is available on Order GCMS Notes Canada only for record and internal purpose. It is not related to any Canadian federal agency or the government.