What Is GCMS Notes?

What Is GCMS Notes & What Are The Benefits of It?

Global Case Management System also known as GCMS is basically a software used for the purpose of processing various immigration as well as visa applications by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. With the help of the GCMS notes you can find detailed records of an applicant’s file accurately. It is one of the most accurate way to find correspondence details from and to IRCC, various documents received from the applicant and comments of the officers reviewing the documents at various stages in order to find out information about the current status of your application and its future processing for getting various Canadian Visas such as Express Entry applications, tourist visas, Study and work permits.

How are GCMS notes helpful to the applicants?

As discussed above, GCMS is a single, integrated and global system used internally by IRCC to process various immigration and visa applications. It can be instrumental in providing details and status of your visa or immigration application from day 1 of applying. It includes complete case history of your application along with officer’s analysis, comments and reasoning on your file at various stages. In short, if you wish to monitor your visa or immigration application and fast track it if things are not working out the way you want it to, you can use GCMS notes to do so.

Is requesting GCMS notes safe and legal?

Be rest assured, ordering GCMS notes is completely safe and legal. In fact, according to the law, every GCMS note should not only be processed unbiased but without any negative impact on the applicant. It is one of the most secured and trusted ways of obtaining information about visa or immigration application status. GCMS notes can play an instrumental role in helping you in to prepare for a visa interview or guide your way for keeping various documents ready at further stages of the process. You can order GCMS notes any number of times to know the application status.

Does ordering GCMS notes have any negative impact on your visa application?

No, ordering GCMS notes does not have any negative impact on your visa application nor does it delays the process by any means. On the contrary, by ordering GCMS notes, you can come to know about any document which you have not submitted, is missing or any other formalities that need to be completed. You can submit that document or complete the formality in order to speed up your visa application process.

Why Order GCMS Notes Canada is the best place to order GCMS notes?

There are many online service providers claiming to be the best place for ordering GCMS notes. However, before selecting any of the service providers, you should make sure that the service selected by you is safe and promises to keep your vital information secured. Another important point is the fees charged for processing your GCMS notes, which has a major implication on your pocket.

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