How to track your GCMS Notes?

How to track your GCMS Notes?

Waiting for your GCMS notes can be annoying especially when you have not received it even after the statutory limit of 30 days under the Access to Information act (This is the act under which the federal agencies issue the GCMS notes).

Accessing the GCMS notes is subjected to Section 7 of the Access to Information act which states that all the records requested under this act shall be delivered within thirty days after the day when the request is received. This implies that Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have to provide the information (GCMS notes in this case) within 30 days. However, due to high volume of request received by IRCC on a daily basis, IRCC has issued a notification stating that they would not be able to meet the statutory deadline of 30 days to process the notes.

In most cases however, IRCC processes and delivers the GCMS notes within 35 days. There are always exceptions to this.  IRCC state the following for their processing time:

  • If you submitted your request outside of regular business hours, Eastern Time, the processing of your request will begin the following business day.
  • If your request is complete, it will be processed within 30 calendar days from the first day following its receipt, unless an extension is taken.
  • If the deadline falls on a weekend or on a holiday, the due date becomes the next business day.
  • Please note that due to the volume of requests that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processes, it is not unusual for responses to be sent late in the day of the due date.


Whenever a request is made to the IRCC under the Access to Information Act, a tracking number is issued. This can be a 6-7 digit tracking number which helps IRCC to identify the applicant’s details. However, there is no mechanism as of now to track your request for GCMS notes online. The tracking number is just for your reference in case you do not receive your GCMS notes within 30 days.

When you place on order at OrderGCMS, we send you the 6 -7 digit tracking number issued by the IRCC and a confirmation mail that your request has been processed. In the event that we do not receive your GCMS notes within 30-35 days, we reach out to IRCC to find out the status of your notes. We request the applicants not to directly contact IRCC to avoid duplication requests.

Our team at OrderGCMS is always there to help you. In 90% of the case, applicants should receive their GCMS notes within 35 days. In case there is a delay, please be advised that it is beyond our control and we always follow up with IRCC asking them for a status update. We strive to provide you with the best possible service. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us via contact us page.

Disclaimer: The information provided on the website is for information purpose only and should not be considered as a legal advice.

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