Got your PR? Here’s how you can settle in Canada!

Got your PR? Here’s how you can settle in Canada!

With your permanent residency for Canada approved, your first step of settling in Canada is done. Now that you have your immigration visa in hand and after all the goodbyes, you are ready to land in Canada. The next step is take into consideration the important things to be done once you arrive in Canada which will help in your transition to settle as smooth as possible.

People you will meet just after landing in Canada

The first and foremost person you will meet on landing in Canada is the customs officer of Canada. They will deal with your goods and other landing certificates after which you will be sent to the immigration officers. Here, you will need to show your passport and visa papers.

Immigration officers will give you various application forms such as a permanent resident card, social insurance card, application for a driver’s license and health care card. All these cards are important for your identity and social and economic security in the country. You should make sure that you fill all the above applications as early as possible and acquire all the cards for a smooth transition.

Permanent resident card

A permanent resident card is a wallet-sized plastic card. Make sure you possess it well within the time limit given by the immigration officer you spoke to. This card is very important as it is proof of your residency in Canada each time you land in the country. Having a permanent residency card increases the ease of obtaining other government health and economic benefits.

Social insurance card or SIN!

It is another important card which needs to be obtained for settling down in Canada. If you do not have a social insurance number, then you are nothing but a virtual person who has no real identity in the country. So obtaining it should be your first priority. Without SIN card you cannot apply for any government jobs or claim for any government benefits, assistance or credit meant for residents of the country.

Health Care cards!

All the residents of Canada registered under National Insurance Program receive free health checkups, treatments and medicines at most of the clinics and hospitals. So in your personal interest and interest of your family, you should make sure that you apply for coverage in the health care system in the province you will be going to stay as soon as you land in the country. Many provinces in the country have a wait time of three months. Apply for your health care card as soon as you land in Canada.

Finding accommodation

Another important thing that needs to be taken care of apart from getting all the social security numbers and cards is finding accommodation in Canada. There are “n” numbers of apartments, condos, individual house and shared houses available in Canada. You can find about them from the local newspapers and the internet. Renting an apartment will be an economically feasible option as compared to condos which can be really expensive.     

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